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Personal balance & detox

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Feeling at your best

Everyday life is demanding, and we need to maintain the right personal psychological and physical balance. The best way to achieve this balance is by scheduling a regular break to recuperate and detoxify.

Taking time for yourself is the foremost condition

for feeling happy and productive

Prevention is always more effective than treatment. La Bastide de Callian provides an overall health check-up, so that you can let go of baggage and adopt new lifestyle habits that add to your better-being. 

The La Bastide de Callian team works together to provide personalised treatments to each and every patient at our facility. All of this unfolds in an exceptional setting, full of greenery, which offers comfort and relaxation. You will never want to leave!


  • restorative stays
  • personalised treatment 
  • a relaxing environment 
  • a healthy, delicious and detoxifying diet 
  • natural therapies 
  • Spa recovery space
  • your objective is our objective


Of course. In fact, that is the ideal time. At the end of your stay, all you will think about is planning your next stay for a new moment of well-being.

Today, La Bastide de Callian is an exclusive wellness centre that truly merges care for the mind and the body, with a team of professional experts at your service.