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Regulating sleep

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Regaining control over your sleep is essential

Insomnia is a major health issue, with almost one third of the population complaining about trouble sleeping. This includes difficulty falling asleep, waking up frequently or too early in the morning and, above all, the feeling of not having a restful sleep.

Less than 20% of subjects suffering from sleep conditions

receive proper treatment.

Other pathologies aside from insomnia can also lead to similar complaints: for example, sleep apnoea, which is characterised mainly by loud snoring. It is thus necessary to identify the specific symptoms before beginning  a sleep-inducing treatment, which could have serious consequences.

The La Bastide de Callian team promotes a healthier lifestyle and offers natural treatments using phytotherapy and sleep activators, so that everyone can return to enjoying quality sleep.

Key points

  • 1/3 of the population affected by insomnia80 % des patients touchés par une dépression sévère.
  • 80% of patients affected by severe depression
  • Need for a precise diagnosis before prescribing a treatment
  • Diagnosing and treating sleep apnoea syndromes
  • Effective non-medicinal techniques


No, alternatives exist, and they begin with lifestyle advice.

Your symptoms may indicate a sleep apnoea syndrome. We recommend consulting your doctor to learn more about the available treatments.