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Prevent and alleviate burn-out

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What’s happening to me

Are you experiencing overwhelming stress at work or professional exhaustion, otherwise known as “burn-out”, the effects of which are impacting your mental or physical health?

Burn-out is a feeling of professional exhaustion due to extended investment in work situations that are too emotionally draining.

Long-term exposure to work-related stress or hardship can have harmful effects on your health (trouble sleeping, anxiety, feeling of emptiness, severe fatigue, irritability, depression, drop in motivation and self-esteem, feeling of failure, confusion, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, pain, etc.) and can lead to burn-out.

Helping you overcome professional exhaustion

The La Bastide de Callian team will help you regain control over your emotions and reduce your stress. A stay at La Bastide de Callian provides you a much-needed break to help you “unplug”.

Key points

  • Helping you regain control over your personal and professional life
  • Effective non-medicinal techniques (aromatherapy, phytotherapy, mediations, Be Breathe, etc.)
  • Techniques for optimising time at work
  • Breaking away from the constant feeling of urgency
  • Preventing the onset of a depressive syndrome


Yes, we have specially designed our treatment programme so it may be condensed, if necessary, over a short period of three weeks. We understand that, in some lines of work, taking time away due to illness can be complicated.

Of course, you could benefit from our treatment. It is always more effective to prevent burn-out with a relaxing and restorative stay in a specialised centre, rather than waiting until your situation worsens and requires long-term care.