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Treating depression

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Depression: let’s talk...

Depression is much more common than you think, with 350 million people affected worldwide. Symptoms include debilitating fatigue, deep sadness, loss of appetite, and a reduced psychomotor. Depending on the intensity of symptoms, it can be considered as mild, moderate or severe.

Sadness is not something you have to live with!

Help is out there.

The La Bastide de Callian multi-disciplinary team offers alternatives to medicinal treatments—aromatherapy, phytotherapy and various therapeutic mediations such as relaxation, writing workshops, bibliotherapy, self-affirmation, Qigong, osteopathy, sports, etc.—although they are not a replacement for medication in cases where it is absolutely necessary. 

Thanks to interviews with the psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist and nurse, you will find your pathway to better-being.


Depression can have a major impact on the patient and their loved ones. For this reason, it is important to speak to your doctor or a psychiatrist.

No. Depression is in no way indicative of a lack of courage. It is a genuine disease that, with help, can be treated.